Woof! My name is Speckles. I am four years old. I work for M&M Bedbug Inspectors. I am a white, brown, black, and grey Catahoula/beagle mix breed. My handler’s name is Georgie and I live with her in Staten Island. She is very nice to me, and I love her a lot! (Especially when she gives me my favorite treat, lamb meat.) Did you know that we are the first all-girl canine team at M&M? By the way, I am also the prettiest and smartest dog! I was rescued from a shelter in Florida by J&K Canine Academy. Georgie read that my accuracy rate for finding bedbugs is up to 98%, but I think that I am perfect! I love to play with people and give wet kisses to them. If you need an inspector and a charismatic dog, please call us!

Chloe -11

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