The Youngest and Most Handsome Canine Benji

Hello! My name is Benji. I am a purebred beagle! I am tricolor, black, white and brown. I am the youngest dog on the team, so I look the best. I love to play with my partner and handler, Stanley. We live in Queens together. I would eat anything that is chicken flavored. I am very hardworking. According to the University of Florida, I am right at least 98 percent of the time to find bedbugs. Did you know that I have a crooked tail? This is because my original owner accidentally slammed a door on my tail. I know it was an accident, but I still hold a grudge. He still tries to email and Facetime me, but Iā€™m still not talking to him anymore. This is why my name used to be Crook. Even though other puppies tease me about my tail in school, I know I am still the handsomest dog in school. If you suspect a bedbug problem, give us a bark!

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