The Youngest and Most Handsome Canine Benji

Hello! My name is Benji. I am a purebred beagle! I am tricolor, black, white and brown. I am the youngest dog on the team, so I look the best. I love to play with my partner and handler, Stanley. We live in Queens together. I would eat anything that is chicken flavored. I am very hardworking. According to the University of Florida, I am right at least 98 percent of the time to find bedbugs. Did you know that I have a crooked tail? This is because my original owner accidentally slammed a door on my tail. I know it was an accident, but I still hold a grudge. He still tries to email and Facetime me, but I’m still not talking to him anymore. This is why my name used to be Crook. Even though other puppies tease me about my tail in school, I know I am still the handsomest dog in school. If you suspect a bedbug problem, give us a bark!

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