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The NPMA recommends for people to be proactive in not just their efforts to educate themselves against bed bugs, but also when looking for the right pest control company. Individuals should seek out companies that offer specific service agreements for bed bugs, adhere strictly to IPM guidelines, and enforce advanced levels of specialized training for all technicians and sales staff.
MISSY HENRIKSON, Vice President of Public A-airs,
National Pest Management Association

I Just Found a bed bug

What do I do now? Here’s a quick snapshot at the first five things that need to be done:

Bag It Up Try to catch a sample and place it in a sealable plastic bag or jar. If you’re able to do this, snap a photo and send it in through our contact form. We offer free insect ID services.

Inspect Look for more overt signs of bed bugs on your bed, other belongings, personal items, desks or articles of clothing.

Take It Off If you came across the bug outside of your home, remove your clothing before entering your home and place all of it, including whatever hand bag or purse you may have been using, in a sealable plastic bag or container.

Wash and/or Dry It Place previously worn clothing or fabrics in the washer or the dryer on HIGH heat for at least 20 minutes. More delicate items can be dry cleaned or steam cleaned.

Investigate Try to determine where this unexpected visitor came from (Your office? Your gym? Your neighbors?) and bring this to the appropriate parties’ attention so that proper personnel can take the right measures in inspecting and remediating this situation quickly and effectively.

Bed bugs and the law

Treatment methods aren’t the only facet evolving along with bed bugs; local law is following suit too. Since 2010, the following initiatives were passed:

Bed Bug Disclosure Act NYC property managers are now legally required to provide forms of declaring existence of previous bed bug infestations in their buildings dating one year back.

DSNY ruling on proper mattress disposal Cities like New York and Ocean City, MD are now requiring discarded mattresses to be fully covered in plastic. Beginning January 3, 2011 in NYC, those not covered in plastic are now subject to fines of $100.
With 2010’s increased awareness and occurrence of bed bug cases, the laws related to this pest will only continue to evolve. To stay on top of these rules and regulations, contact your local representative or visit one of the links on this page.