Never Fear Jax Is Here!

Chloe and Jax

Woof! Woof! My name is Jax. I am a 5 year old beagle who likes to lick people’s faces and eat doggie treats. I am tri-color; black, white, and brown. Mark is my handler and partner. He became my handler after I was rescued from a Florida shelter by J&K Canine Academy. I live with him in his house in Brooklyn. Mark often refers to me as a “scavenger” because I eat anything, preferably peanut butter. I am not really picky except I’m not a fan of chocolate, grapes, and salty chips. I work with Mark at M&M Bedbug Inspectors to sniff out bedbugs, and I have many years of experience. I can smell at least 50 times better than humans, and some experts say even higher than 100 times better, too! According to, my breed has the third best sense of smell. I have 225 million scent receptors! This is much more than the amount of receptors that humans have which is only a puny 5 million! According to a University of Florida study, my accuracy rate of finding bedbugs is 98%. Honestly, I think that I’m 100% but what do I know? I am a very friendly dog. So friendly that I even get along with cats! I am really fun and goofy and I always enjoy wagging my tail. Most importantly, Mark and I work hard to help people find bedbugs. If you have bedbugs in your home or office, I will help you find them. Never fear, Jax is here!!


by: Chloe -11

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